Gary Nicklaus ready to debut on the PGA Champions Tour at the Oasis Championship

Gary Nicklaus ready to debut on the PGA Champions Tour at the Oasis Championship

Only in golf can a professional turn 50 and start a whole new career chapter. It's a phenomenon that you might appreciate even more when you come from a family widely regarded as "golf royalty".

Gary Nicklaus recently turned 50, making him eligible for the PGA's Champions Tour. The son of golf legend Jack Nicklaus will play his first ever Champions Tour tournament at the newly sponsored Oasis Championship in Boca Raton in a couple weeks. Gary, who spent three years on the PGA Tour from 2000-2003, has been playing as an amateur ever since, but is looking to rekindle his pro game.

"I've been looking forward to it for quite a while," says Nicklaus. "I've kind of kept my mouth shut for a couple of years, but it's been in my sight for quite a while, and I've really looking forward to getting out there."

Nicklaus says he's not feeling as much pressure as he heads into his second stint as a pro, thanks in part to great advice from his legendary father "The Golden Bear".

"I'd be getting close to a top five finish, and I'd be thinking about how much money I was going to make," recalls Nicklaus about his days on the PGA Tour. "(I told my Dad how) the pressure builds up, and he's like, you thought about money? And I said yah, didn't you? And he said no, I thought about winning championships! And if you can get out of the pressure of (thinking) I've got to make a check, I've got to make a check, I think it's going to be a lot more fun."

The first round of the Oasis Championship tees off on February 8th through the final round on February 10th at the Old Course at Broken Sound in Boca Raton.

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