Boca Raton's Bernhard Langer on top at Oasis with daughter as caddie

Boca Raton's Bernhard Langer on top at Oasis with daughter as caddie

Bernhard Langer just narrowly missed a put for eagle on the 18th hole at the Oasis Championship on Friday. Boca Raton's stop on the PGA Tour Champions.

But it's nothing that a hug from his caddie can't fix. His daughter, Jackie Langer-John.

"That was a lot of fun, we enjoy our time together," said Berhard Langer after he finished round one 8-under.

Last year, Langer came in second place at the Boca Raton championship with Jackie as his caddy. It was her first time carrying the bag for her dad. This year, she wants to win. But for different reasons than you'd think.

"I would definitely love to have a win on my caddie bib if you want to say, since my siblings all have a (win)," said Jackie Langer-John.

All three of Jackie's siblings have wins caddying for their dad, so carrying the bag is a family affair. But this is no walk in the park for any of them.

"It's a job, we're not out there for leisure. I don't tell him my opinion unless he asks so if he wants to bounce it off of me I'll give him the read."

Langer says his relationship with his daughter on the fairways is different than the one they have at home.

"There's a little different dynamic, she needs to keep up and do this and do that. She knows how to rake a bunker and how to attend the flag stick. She does a great job. I got her a lighter bag so the load is not heavy and she loves it."

She'd love it if her father won, too. But that's not why she caddies.

"It's good fun I enjoy the time I get to spend with my dad, we have a blast together. Instead of having, not that his caddie's a stranger, he's a friend, but having family and the relationship that we do it's fun, it's relaxed and easy."

On Saturday, Langer made up for a lost opportunity, with an eagle on the 18th hole to take the lead at the Oasis Championship at 12-under. He will look to become to first two-time winner of the championship on Sunday.

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