Jupiter's Parkey becomes overnight hero for Dolphins

Jupiter's Cody Parkey

In the first game of the season for the Dolphins Sunday, their brand new kicker was put to the test.

And the Jupiter High grad became a hero, before most Dolphin fans, or even players, knew his name.

Jupiter native Cody Parkey was just two weeks away from starting the NFL season without a job.

Week one into the Dolphins' season and now he's a hero.

"This business is a funny thing," says Parkey. "One day you're sitting at home, the next day you're on a team. And then the next day you're kicking."

Parkey kicked four field goals in the win Sunday against Los Angeles including the game winner with 1:05 to go from 54 yards out.

He watched from the sidelines, as Chargers kicker Yunghoe Koo missed a 44-yard field goal with five seconds to go.

Parkey knows a thing or two about big misses. Two years ago, a yanked field goal on national television was the beginning of the end of his tenure in Philly.

Last year he missed three field goals in a loss to the Dolphins, and would only spend one year in cleveland.

But the Fins showed faith in the young man from right up the street, by signing him after the fourth preseason game. And now fans and the other players, are finding out why.

"I don't like to have all the attention. Especially as a kicker, because usually that means you've done something wrong."

This time, Cody Parkey is making a name for himself for all the right reasons.

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