Dolphins' QB Cutler gets to know his offense in 38-31 pre-season loss to the Eagles

Jay Cutler speaks after leading offense to three touchdowns in Philadelphia.

Dolphins quarterback Jay Cutler has had only two weeks to get to know his Miami offense, but Thursday night's 38-31 preseason loss in Philadelphia gave him a better idea of what he has to work with.

After being sacked and fumbling the ball early on, in a turnover that led to an Eagles' 7-0 lead, Cutler threw a beautiful 35 yard reception to DeVante Parker, who ran another 40 yards before being tackled just short of the end-zone. Jay Ajayi, who ran for 53 yards on 9 total carries, then punched in one of his two touchdowns of the night.

Cutler finished the game 5 of 8 passing for 105 yards , including a one-yard touchdown pass to Julius Thomas, giving the Dolphins a 21-14 lead at the time.

“I feel like (Cutler is) in a pretty good rhythm,” Gase said after the game. “We've just got to stay consistent.

On the other side, the Eagles young quarterback Carson Wentz often had his way with the Dolphins defense, finishing 6 of 10 passing for 129 yards and two touchdowns.

The Dolphins had four turnovers in Thursday's preseason loss, and all of them resulted in points for the Eagles at the other end. Matt Moore was just 5 of 11 passing for 43 yards, and two interceptions.

Miami will face the Minnesota Vikings in their forth and final preseason game next Thursday night.

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