Zaaraoui brings leadership tips from PGA back to Morocco

Moroccan Track and Field coach Naoual Zaaraoui spends time with the PGA of America in Palm Beach Gardens.

The African country of Morocco created a constitution guaranteeing gender equality, just six years ago.

That has opened some doors for more Moroccan women to get involved in sports. And one young lady from a legendary sports lineage, is in Palm Beach County this month, to learn more about how she can help.

One of the first Moroccans ever to participate in the Olympics, was 7-time world champion El Ghazi - a man known in his homeland as "the fast horse".

Over 50 years after El Ghazi competed in the summer games, his daughter is in Palm Beach Gardens - her first trip ever to the United States.

"I am so happy. The dream I dream is coming true." Naoual Zaaraoui was nominated by her home country to be a part of the Global Sports Mentoring Program, developed by the state department, and espnW.

Naoual is getting a crash course in leadership at the PGA of America headquarters.

"We help her with understanding how to take large ideas and make them small ideas," says PGA Director of Technology Operations Laurie French. "And how she can evolve her product until it's a long term solution."

Naoual coaches girls for the Royal Track and Field Federation in Morocco, but she's also looking to start her own agency, to help promote leadership in women.

"The mission is to help promote themselves in their own fields," says Naoual.

She's planning to name her agency "Golden Horse", to honor her well-decorated father.

"It's because of him I'm here now. I'm so proud that I make him proud of me."

El Ghazi may have excelled on the track, but above his greatest accomplishments ranks his daughter - who is creating a better world for women in their home country.

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