What's Lincoln Thinkin': UCF exposes what's wrong with college football

Peach Bowl

New Year's Day is for college football, and Monday the sport featured one of its best postseason games ever, and gave a stark reminder, that its postseason is still very broken.

Plantation native Sony Michel scored the walkoff touchdown in double overtime of the Rose Bowl, leading Georgia to an unforgettable 54-48 victory over Oklahoma. The Dawgs are on their way to the National Championship Game.

People are calling it one of the best Rose Bowls ever. Others are saying it's a prime example of why college football is the best sport. But this great win, came just a few hours after we saw an example of why it's not.

UCF knocked off Auburn in the Peach Bowl 34-27 to end their season a perfect 13-0. The Knights are the only undefeated team in the country and not playing for the national championship.

Division 1, FBS Football is the only sport in America where you can not be beaten, and not win a championship. Those that thought the Knights weren't good enough to deserve a spot in the semifinals, were proven 100 percent wrong. They beat a team in Auburn, that beat Georgia and Alabama - the two teams now playing for the National Title.

College football may provide some of the most exciting and unbelievable finishes in all of sports. But until it finds a way to give everyone a chance at a title it remains unfair, biased, and, not as great as it could be.

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