Atlantic Eagles deal with shock following death of teammate Marc'Allan Derac

Atlantic Eagles mourning the death of their teammate Marc'Allan Derac

The Atlantic Football team is still trying to come to terms with the death of one of their brightest young stars Marc'Allan Derac, who died on May 1st from injuries he suffered in a dirt bike accident. While Wednesday's spring game was rained out, practice has gone a long was in helping the healing process.

"That's my brother, I just miss him man," says Eagles junior Jalen Wring. "He always had a smile on his face."

Through their grief, Atlantic Football players Wring and Kamareon Williams find themselves reflecting back on the infectious personality of their friend Derac.

"Some moments are sad," says Williams. "Because I wish he could be here. We had big plans to play in college together. But I'm more happy just knowing the kind of person he was. (He) always had a smile on his face."

"Once I start crying," adds Wring. "(I think) Mark, he's a happy guy. never crying, never sad. So that's just how I took on things from there."

The soon to be seniors plan on keeping Derac's positive influence alive by honoring his # 23 jersey. They are switching themselves to jersey number 2 and 3.

"He was that person you would look up to," says Williams. (He'd always tell you to) go to class. He's definietely going to live through me, and the whole team. People around us, people he was cool with, his family members, he's going to live through everyone."

"We're just gonna ball," says Wring. "We're going to show you all, this is him still living through us."

Atlantic head coach T.J. Jackson says there'll be a special dedication before Tuesday's rescheduled spring game, Derac's family will also still be in attendance.

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