Riviera Beach native TommyLee Lewis reflects on his potential Super Bowl that never was

Riviera Beach native TommyLee Lewis reflects on his potential Super Bowl that never was

It's one of the most talked about non-call in NFL history. Nickell Robey-Smith's hit on TommyLee Lewis late in the NFC Championship game seemed like a blatant helmet to helmet pass interference penalty to many. Lewis is back in his hometown of Riviera Beach this week, and his potential catch that could have gotten the Saints into the Super Bowl is still very much on his mind.

"I see the ball, and then after that it's like, I don't see nothing else," recalls Lewis. "I got up looking for the flag, and there's no flag. I've probably seen it like three times a day since I've been home. It's one of those (highlights) where you just shake your head, (and think) we were that close."

But thanks to the now infamous pass interference non-call, the Saints were not able to extend what could have been the game winning touchdown drive. Instead they were forced to settle for a field goal, and a late 3-point lead that ultimately wasn't enough. The Rams, instead, moving onto the Super Bowl with a game winning field goal in O.T.

"For sure," Lewis says when he's asked if he was robbed. "Just the fact that one play ruined everything we worked for the whole season you know. That one play, that one non-call."

Saints fans have the same opinion, as do many football fans from Palm Beach County. Lewis was a star at Dwyer High School coached by Jack Daniels, and wishes he could have represented Palm Beach County at the Super Bowl.

"It's just all like dang, what if, or what could have been you know," reflects Lewis. "You go back and you look at some of the pictures throughout the season and you reflect on the season, and you're like man this was a fun season, and just to see it go down the drain like that.

But will Lewis watch the Super Bowl?

"I'm sure I'll watch the Super Bowl. I said I wouldn't before, but I'm going to watch the Super Bowl, but it's a tough thing."

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