Richt, Kiffin love being home for the holidays

Orange Bowl press conference at Seminole Hard Rock Casino

A bowl game is a reward - college football teams get one extra game and that means some more practices, some more time together, and usually, some more fun.

FAU and Miami are going bowling in their backyards, and the two coaches said Wednesday, they don't know why they would want to leave paradise.

As the highest ranking ACC team outside of the top 4, the Hurricanes were assigned the Orange Bowl.

But at the bowl press conference in Hollywood Wednesday, Miami's Mark Richt was quite thankful that his team earned the honor to play another night at Hard Rock Stadium.

"We're still going to pack up and go," said Richt at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. "It's just the trip will be much shorter."

The 'Canes will practice off campus, eat off campus, and stay off campus - a "plus" for everyone.

"We'll stay at the beach, I don't think any of our guys live at the beach. They're going to like that, I know I'm going to like that."

As Conference USA champion, FAU could pick from a number of the games, but Lane Kiffin, wanted to keep his team in town for the Boca Raton Bowl.

"It's not always about going somewhere," Kiffin said Wednesday, in Boca Raton for the Coaches' preview press conference. "A lot of our families can't pay to go somewhere. It's not just travel, but to get hotels for the whole week."

Their competitors may say differently (ever been to Madison, Wisconsin or Akron, Ohio in late December?) But for Miami and FAU, there's not place like home for the holidays.

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