PGA star Morgan Hoffmann has a mission to play through, and cure muscular dystrophy

    PGA star Morgan Hoffman has a mission to play through, and cure muscular dystrophy<p>{/p}

    Honda Classic has arrived, but one golfer from Jupiter is battling for more than just a Honda Classic Championship. Morgan Hoffmann's greatest battle is off the golf course, fighting a disease that is trying to take over his body.

    "You've got to take it one day at a time and enjoy every moment, and appreciate what you have."

    29 year old Hoffmann appreciates every drive he makes in his PGA golf career. The 6-year PGA Tour professional and former No. 1 amateur in the world had his whole career ahead of him when he noticed his pectoral muscles were beginning to deteriorate. After being misdiagnosed for 5 years, he finally got the life-changing news. He had developed muscular dystrophy.

    "When the doctor told me that was it, I kind of didn't believe it," recalls Hoffmann. "(I thought) why me, and how is this possible. It soon set in that that point of view didn't make any sense."

    Hoffman was motivated to stay positive, and take control of his disease that causes muscle weakness and muscle loss, and often the ability to walk.

    "The more I learn the more excited I am, because I know I can change my genes, and not that many people believe that, but there's so much proof. out there that genes can be changed."

    Hoffman has a strict vegan diet, and lies in a hyperbaric chamber for an hour a day. Trips to experts in Nepal have convinced him that his golf career is not going to end anytime soon.

    "Every doctor in the States who I've seen says there's no cure for it," says Hoffmann. "And everywhere else I've traveled says there's a cure no problem. I know I'm going to cure it, and I'll be out here for many more years. Maybe there'll be a few paths that I need to take, but I definitely know that I'll fix this"

    He's created The Morgan Hoffman Foundation, and recently raised over 1.6 Million Dollars towards research at his second annual golf tournament.

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