Paralyzed ex-football player walks down the aisle

(Chris Norton)

Chris Norton will tell you that the breathtaking wedding scene that took place at Abacoa Golf Club on April 21st was the best moment of his life. Ironically, the path that led to that moment started at the worst moment of his life.

"(I was) face down, motionless," recalls Norton. "I'm trying to get up but nothings working. It just felt like somebody turned off the power to my body."

Norton's life was altered forever when he was paralyzed from the neck down from a freak injury while playing a division III college football game in Iowa. But that altered life led directly to him finding the love of his life, and his true purpose. He now provides unbelievable inspiration to others.

Norton was told he might never walk again. He feared he would never live a meaningful life. That's when he met Emily.

"I'm looking around, and I see this girl across the street, it was Emily, and my jaw just dropped."

"Just to see Chris," remembers Emily. "And how positive he was. I was super drawn to that."

That inspiration led to intense physical therapy. Then, one day after proposing to Emily, she helped him to fulfill his dream of walking at his graduation.

"Everybody was crying, cheering," says Norton. "I was blown back from just the reaction from everybody."

So his next goal was clear. Chris would work even walk his bride Emily down the aisle at their wedding.

"I'm like, we're going to do it," recalls Emily about their wedding day. "If he falls over, I will pick him back up, regardless of whatever happens, I trust God to know that we're going to get through anything life throws at us."

"No matter what you're going through," explains Norton with a smile. "You can get through it. So we hope that it does touch a lot of people."

Chris and Emily have also touched the lives of the five foster children they care for in their Port St. Lucie home, as Norton inspires the nation as a motivational speaker.

"I think my injuries really paved the road for all these awesome opportunities that I just appreciate and love. I'm so thankful."

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