Palm Beach Gardens golfers excited about upcoming U.S. Amateur 4-Ball Championships

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Golf is often thought of as an individual sport, but the spirit of amateur team play will be showcased next month at the highest level when the U.S. Amateur 4-Ball Championships come to Martin County.

Three-time Major Championship winner Nick Price was at the Jupiter Hills Club to officially preview the event on Monday. 128 of the best U.S. amateur four-ball teams in the country will compete at Jupiter Hills in May. Each is a team of two golfers both with handicaps of 5.4 or less. The local favorites are Former U.S. Open Participant Jesse Daley and 2-time U.S. Mid-Amateur Championship Participant Justin Goodhuem who are both from Palm Beach Gardens.

"I think it's more fun," says Daley. "When you're playing by yourself, the weight of the World is on your shoulders, but it's fun in a team environment to have someone supporting you, and for you to be able to support someone else."

"Constancy is the biggest challenge," adds Goodhuem. "I think for this format we're just going to try and rely on each other and have ach other's backs."

The Winning team will not only earn a fine looking fine trophy, but get an automatic exemption to play in the tourney for the next 5 years.

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