Marathon Man a 'marathon machine' at the FITTEAM Palm Beaches Marathon

Marathon Man a 'marathon machine' at the FITTEAM Palm Beaches Marathon

The FITTEAM Palm Beaches Marathon weekend began under the lights with a very impressive turnout for the 5 K in downtown West Palm Beach. And one particular participant in that race, and Sunday's marathon is like a superhero.

Thousands of runners will participate in Sunday's Palm Beaches Marathon, but very few will have capes. But the self proclaimed "Marathon Man" has earned himself marathon 'super hero status'.

Trent Morrow, better known as Marathon Man, holds the World record for most marathons across 7 continents in one year, 160 marathons in total.

"I'm sure I ran through fractures," says Morrow. "I did end up in a hospital at one point in Europe, having scans because I was in so much pain. Yet, I had a goal and a purpose that was driving me forward."

The goal and purpose was to honor his mother and step mother, who both died from cancer. A chance for him to raise money and make a statement on the world stage.

:At the end of the day it's about the people you meet," says Morrow. "I mean that's what keeps pushing me forward, what keeps driving me. And hopefully in some small way I can inspire others to get out there and take on new challenges."

And thousands more will be challenged at this Sunday's Palm Beaches Marathon, hoping to create their own super hero moment .

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