Keiser University Athletics adds football starting in 2018

Legendary college basketball coach Rollie Massimino put a small college on the map in 2006 when he decided to coach the upstart Northwood basketball team, now known as Keiser University. The small campus in West Palm Beach is now poised grow, thanks to football.

"They're going to grow, they're going to make things happen, "said an excited Massimino at the official announcement. "And we're going to have a football program, and I can't wait."

And neither can Keiser University Seahawk Nation, who've had lots to cheer for over the past decade. Their successful basketball team is led by Massimino, who famously won the 1985 National Championship with Villanova. The women's golf team has won three national titles, so football should be a natural fit starting in 2018.

"It's one of those things that the student body follows," says Keiser athletic director Kris Swogger. "You can kind of get around it on the weekends, and I think it definitely can put us on the map."

"There are other programs that work very well with football", says Keiser president Gary Vonk. "It brings, not only students, but athletes and students together,"

The golf training facility on campus is the most likely location for a brand new football stadium, which they want to have ready for the summer of 2018. Either way, this is going to change the face of the campus.

"Fifteen or twenty years from now, I don't think this campus is going to be recognizable, "says Swogger. "And I think it's exciting to be at the beginning of it and to be part of the foundation for that. We live in a great area, we have great high schools around us, we have great talent, we have great coaches and resources, and I definitely feel like we can be competitive year one."

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