Inaugural Feis Bowl brings former and current MSD Eagles together to honor Aaron Feis

Feis Bowl at MSD High School

The school year has ended for Stoneman Douglas High School, but the healing process will, of course, continue through the summer months. The Parkland community proved, once again, on Saturday night that they are there for each other.

The Inaugural Feis Bowl was played on the MSD football field. The Bowl was named in honor of assistant football coach Aaron Feis, one of seventeen who died in February's tragic school shooting. Alumni Football Players competed against current Stoneman Douglas players. It was a chance to support the MSD School, to honor victims, along with Feis, who sacrificed his life trying to save others.

"It's an honor to be back at this field," says former MSD Eagles Cheerleader Taylor Fair. "Doing this for a good reason, and to honor (Feis) as a hero. Everyone out here knows him, whether you're in you're 30's or late 30's or if you're 18 years old, everyone knows who he is."

The school plans on making the Feis Bowl a yearly tradition.

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