Go-Kart National Champion brothers at Palm Beach Speedway

Michael (front) and Nicholas d'Orlando prepare for a practice run at Palm Beach Speedway.

Earnhardt, Busch, Unser, Andretti - racing can often be a family affair.

And the next set of brothers that could burst onto the international scene are cutting their teeth on karts, before they get to cars.

"I was watching NASCAR, and I said I want to do that," says 14-year old Michael d'Orlando.

"I love going out there to win," adds Michael's 13-year old brother Nicholas.

The d'Orlandos have done plenty of winning in their short lifetimes - both have won national championships in go-karts, and traveled around the world to race.

"I've tested in Belgium and raced in Italy," says Michael. "Next, I'm going to Spain."

This week they're in West Jupiter - competing in national events as part of the Florida Winter Series.

They spend about 10 weeks out of the year on the road, so they are certainly not living a typical childhood.

"It is actually difficult," says Nicholas. "Thankfully our school supports us, and we're given time to make up work."

"To do what you love you have to make sacrifices," adds Michael.

Some NASCAR drivers and most Indycar drivers start in karts, so the d'Orlandos are getting their name out there in the racing world..

Very few young men are lucky to know what they want to do with their lives at their age. But the d'Orlandos have found their passion.. and they're great at it.

"I love the thrill of going really fast," says Michael. "I just feel like this is made for me."

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