FSU not actually bowl eligible, will still play in Shreveport


The Florida State Seminoles barely kept their bowl streak alive, needing to reschedule their Irma-canceled game against ULM to December, just to get that magic sixth win.

Turns out, that game shouldn't have been to get into a bowl and the 'Noles should be home for the holidays.

Next Wednesday, the Seminoles will tee it up in Shreveport against Southern Miss in the Independence Bowl.

As far as bowl games in the history of Florida State, this is about as forgettable as it gets.

But some digging journalists figured out Thursday that FSU really isn't bowl eligible after all.

The website Reddit, as well as college football reporter Brett McMurphy, have uncovered multiple levels of ineptitude from the NCAA.

One of Florida State's victories came over Delaware State, an FCS team. Now that shouldn't be a problem, except that Delaware State had not given enough scholarships over the past two seasons, per NCAA mandate.

That win shouldn't have counted towards bowl eligibility. Which means, FSU would only have five wins and shouldn't be going Shreveport.

McMurphy reports that both FSU and the ACC should have noticed the issue and reported it. But more egregiously, the NCAA definitely should have caught it.

But it seems, it's much too late to get another team to the Indy Bowl, and the NCAA will waive the issue.

So FSU keeps its streak of 36 straight bowl games alive.

But their 35 year streak of being bowl eligible.. is over.

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