Florida/Georgia H.S. All-Star Game —with numerous local players — ends after massive brawl


The Florida/Georgia High School All-Star Game — featuring 44 players from Palm Beach County — ended in a massive brawl that cut the game short in the third quarter.

The 6th annual senior football exhibition, which pits Palm Beach County players against athletes from the entire state of Georgia, took place at Southern Crescent Stadium in Riverdale, Ga., on Saturday afternoon.

The Florida team led 16-0 in the middle of the third quarter when the fight broke out. It’s unclear who or what started the bench-clearing brawl, but players from both sides quickly stormed out to midfield and began throwing punches and stomping opposing players.

The game broadcast cut to the announcers in the booth after 50 seconds of the fracas, but the melee was still going strong. The game was called in the third quarter with the Florida team leading 16-0.

The YouTube broadcast of the game was deleted shortly after game.

The FHSAA says it will not be looking into the incident.

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