Florida Panthers open Palm Beach County outdoor skating rink for the holidays


An outdoor public skating rink is something that is perfectly common for those from the north-east or mid-west, but now it's something that can be experienced in Palm Beach County this Holiday season. The Florida Panthers have partnered up with the Hoffman's Chocolates Winter Wonderland to add the outdoor skating rink to what is an already proud 27 year tradition.

"It's the perfect way to showcase hockey," says Panthers' Chief of Staff Sean McCaffrey. "I think when people get on skates and get out there they really have a way bigger appreciation of how athletic and amazing our players are."

The brand new attraction is the southern most, completely outdoor skating rink in North America, with generators and ice makers working overtime to keep it going strong.

It's really a gift to the community to celebrate the holidays," says Randall Vitale, Hoffman's Regional Vice President. "Now in it's second generation, you have parents bringing their kids (to the Winter Wonderland), and they came as kids."

Skating will go from 3 PM until 10 PM on weekdays, and noon until 10 PM on the weekends through December 30th.

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