Evans honors alma mater King's Academy with NFL's Golden Football

heath evans.jpg

A Super Bowl champion is not born overnight - football super stars have to start somewhere.

And that's why the NFL gave a golden football to every player that suited up in a Super Bowl for a specific reason - to deliver it back to where they attended high school

Wednesday retired NFL fullback Heath Evans delivered his golden football back to his alma mater, King's Academy in West Palm Beach.

Evans graduated from TKA in 1997 - He went on to lose a Super Bowl with the Pats, and win one with the Saints.

He said Wednesday, he would have never had the opportunity to play 10 years in the NFL if it wasn't for his time at King's Academy and for the mentoring of then-coach Jeff Loveland.

More than 2,000 high schools across the country are expected to be honored with golden footballs..

TKA returned the honor to Evans, by retiring his number 10.

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