D-Wade visits Stoneman Douglas on first full day back of school

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade meets with Stoneman Douglas students

The Miami heat landed at 3am Wednesday morning after playing in Washington D.C. Tuesday night.

Just a few hours later, Dwyane Wade was at Stoneman Douglas High School, to not only bring smiles to students faces, but also tell them that he's behind their high profile campaign to reduce violence.

"He lit up the whole school, he made everyone happy," says MSD student Cooper Brockway.

Wade was taking selfies, and lifting the spirits of the students on their first full day back at school.

"He put a lot of smiles on people's faces," says student Jonathan Blank. "I think that's what a lot of people needed."

As word trickled through the school that Wade was there - the students rushed to meet him and post their photos on social media.

But wade also wanted to speak to them, about social change.

Wade spoke to them about the parallel to the ongoing gun violence in his hometown, Chicago,

And after he tweeted: "Our conversation about bridging the gap between the students from Parkland, Florida and Chicago was really impressive. These young adults get it. They understand the power of their voices for the ones that often go unheard!"

"He told us we have to stay strong," says Brockway."

"He really cares," adds Blank. "He has two sons, and he wants to make a change so something like this doesn't happen again."

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