Colombian and Argentinian Olympic soccer fans take over Boca Raton

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A plane ticket to Rio de Janeiro is pretty expensive these days with the Olympics just over two weeks away. But it felt like the Olympics in Boca Raton on Thursday night as two of the biggest Olympic soccer powers went head to head.

Argentina and Colombia finished their pre-Olympic friendly in a nil-nil tie, but a lack of goals did not take much away from some of the most pasionate soccer fans in the World.

"It's awesome just to hear the National anthem," said one Colombian fan.

"We're gonna win the summer Olympics in Rio 2016," said an excited Argentinian fan."

Colombia and Argentina are always among the Olympic favorites, and Thursday night;s game would draw 50 or 60 thousand fans back in those two countries, so the fans in Boca Raton experineced a very exclusive and intimate soccer experience.

"The Olympics are so huge," said one fan, "getting to see them train and get ready for it is just amazing!"

Everyone was convinced they were witnessing the Olympic Gold medalists just a few weeks in advance.

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