Astros' Peacock checks into his hometown spring training camp as World Series Champion

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Former Palm Beach Central star Brad Peacock never seriously envisioned playing major league baseball when he was growing up in Wellington, but the Houston Astros' pitcher has returned to spring training in West Palm Beach as a World Series Champion.

As the former Palm beach State star gets ready for the 2018 season, he's still sorting through what he accomplished during last year's dream season, where he broke out as a solid relief pitcher.

"I felt fine," says Peacock when asked about the adrenaline he must have felt on the mound in the playoffs. "It's what you've been working for your entire life. It's what you dream about since you were a little kid. You've got to be ready for it. I just felt ready, I felt calm."

"I think he's found his best weapons," says Astros manager A. J. Hinch. "(Those weapons are) a high fastball and his hard slider. He can spin the ball very very effectively. Hitters tell you they don't pick up the ball very quickly on him."

And if processing a World Series win wasn't enough, Peacock has also been processing being a brand new father. His son Colton was born in June, just in time to attend the World Series games with his wife Stephanie

"He was there for the whole time man," says Peacock with a big smile. "It was awesome. He actually fell asleep during one of the World Series games, it was pretty crazy, I didn't expect that. Yah man, it's just a year I'll never forget."

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