Anquan Boldin tees off 16th annual Q-Fest, and fighting hard for social equality

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Pahokee Native Anquan Boldin retired midway through last August's NFL preseason as a freshly signed Bills wide receiver, leaving the NFL on top of his game to work towards social equality full time. Boldin, who of course, has been a community leader for years now, teed off the 16th annual Q-Fest golf tournament on Thursday at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens. Boldin's NFL buddy's like brand new Super Bowl champ Torrey Smith, along with retired NFL stars Lawrence Taylor and Warren Sapp helped raise money for The Anquan Boldin Foundation, which is dedicated to bettering the education and life opportunities for underprivileged children.

"Giving people opportunities to better their lives," explains Boldin. "To continue their education. To continue to go on to provide, not only for themselves, but for their families as well."

Q-Fest kicked off on the same day as the Seattle Seahawks reportedly postponed a workout with quarterback Colin Kaepernick until he's able to give them his current stance on the national anthem and his collusion lawsuit against the NFL. Boldin says that, like Kaepernick, he feels like this is an important time for NFL players to take a stand.

"Opening up people's eyes, and having them see (things) from a different point of view," says Boldin. "Being able to step outside of your own shoes, and try to step into the shoes of the next person, and see what they experience. That's all we're talking about, is having compassion for those who (have had) injustices brought against them for pretty much their entire lives."

Q-Fest raised over $100,000 annually for kids in undeserved communities.

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