CBS12 Athlete of the Week- South Fork's Kaylee Mcgruder

The South Fork Girls Soccer Team made Treasure Coast history with back to back undefeated regular seasons, thanks in large part to our CBS12 Athlete of the Week. The Bulldogs goalie Kaylee MaGruder only gave up five goals this season in her team's quest to run the table.

"I kind of like feeling like it might be up to be me (in) some games," says Mcgruder. "Some people maybe wouldn't like feeling that way, but I'm O.K. with it."

And so is her team, along with her head coach Tony Iannitti.

"She not only has the speed in the net, but she also has quickness," says Iannitti. "There's a difference. The length and height, and everything that we need in a leader."

And she's had lots of practice, having played organized soccer since she was just 4 years old.

"At first I was a forward," recalls Mcgruder. "And we didn't have a goalie, and they were like, well (you're) the tallest on the team, you'd better step in goal. I was like OK. I had the guts to go in goal and it never stopped."

Since then she's been making stop and stop. Giving the teammates in front of her a chance to get better and better.

"Having team comradery is one of the most important parts of the game," says Mcgruder's teammate Emily Wille. "The defense, the offense, and the midfielders, we all work together, but in the back with Kaylee there, it kind of ties it all in."

'We can take a few more chances because we know we have that dependability in the back," adds Iannitti. "And the girls in front of her always talk about knowing she's there if they get beat."

"I feel like if I step it up, then everyone else will step up," says Mcgruder, "and we'll all be one, and work together as best we can."

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