CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Palm Beach Garden's Tervinson Lubin


As high schools reach spring break, the Palm Beach Gardens Volleyball team has had a week to enjoy it's best start in school history. The Gators are a perfect 6-0 and have their sights set on their first State Championship in school history. And it's all keyed by their explosive senior Tervinson Lubin. He may be soft spoken, but his favorite thing is to make a lot of noise on the court.

"Getting a really good kill," Tervinson says with a smile. "I don't want to say hitting somebody but (you know what I mean)."

"When he gets some of these hits that are inside the ten foot line," explains Lubin's coach Cheryl Green, "its like something you'd see in a movie with the oohs and the aahs."

Lubin has made huge strides in his game in his senior year, thanks to his hard work ethic and improved chemistry with his fellow senior and captain Henry Castellon.

"Sometimes I won't say what I want," says Lubin. "And he'll just know."

"He never looks down," says Castellon. "He always has his head up, like we've got this, even if we're down by a few points.

"We're thinking about going all the way this year," adds Lubin. "Going to districts, then regionals, then states, winning states, the whole thing."

While Lubin has come a long way, he now wants to make sure the Gators record start continues to a record finish.

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