CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Oxbridge Academy's Alexandre Klein

CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Oxbridge Academy's Alexandre Klein

The Oxbridge Academy Thumderwolves are just a few wins away from an undefeated regular season, the best boys basketball team they've ever had. So it stands to reason this week's CBS12 Athlete of the Week is the best basketball player Oxbridge Academy has ever had. Klein Alexandre even has his own catch phrase.

"He can catch fire, and sometimes we just look at each other and we're like hey, it's "Klein-time," says Oxbridge Academy head coach Brandon Strassburger.

"Klein-Time means when I'm in the groove, and everything's going well," says Klein.

So, basically the Oxbridge Academy boys basketball team has been in *Klein Time* all season long, refusing to lose. They have an incredible 18-0 record with their star senior Klein leading the way.

"He's our glue guy," says Straaburger. "You know, he's the guy who's speaking on defense he holds it all together. The things that don't show up on the stats sheet are the things that Klein does. And sometimes that's more important than the points, the rebounds and the assists."

Klein admits that basketball is more fun when you're having a perfect season."There's a lot of expectations, you know, are you supposed to beat this team by 30. It's a lot of fun being 18-0, you can say 18-0, so we're just trying to keep it rolling"

The impression Klein has had on Oxbridge Academy will keep on rolling for years to come, an impact that goes well beyond the hardwood,

"Not only with me, but with the faculty on campus," says Strassburger. "Our health and wellness staff, the Athletic Director, the kitchen staff, he's very respectful to everyone. He embodies everything you want from a young high school athlete from a leader standpoint."

"That's the plan," says Klein when asked if his team could go undefeated. "Going undefeated all the way, we want to win State. Losing to Tampa Catholic three years in a row, I mean, we can't lose no more. That's it, so we're trying to go undefeated, win the State ring and come home."

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