CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Olympic Heights' Michael Butler

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When Michael Butler moved to Palm Beach County from Ohio last year, he had no idea how intense his favorite sport was about to get. Olympic Heights has a wrestling team unlike any he's ever competed on. Still, the Lions have also never seen a wrestler quite like our CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

"(It's so great) when you're on the Mat, and you're zoning everybody out," reflects Butler. "(And) your team is (chanting) let's go Mikey."

Michael Butler definitely has the wrestling bug. He's addicted to the adrenaline that goes with winning a season changing match. He recently earned his team's first ever win over Broward's Cardinal Gibbins with a dramatic late match pin, taking down the number two ranked team in the State.

"I turned the kid, and I pinned him," says Butler with a smile. "And the team went wild, and we won the duel. It was really exciting to see the team to win a really good duel like that, and just know that I did it."

And you wouldn't know that he could do it at first sight He'snot the biggest guy on the Mat, but his smarts and determination help him to dominate.

"He's like a wirey scrappy wrestler that likes to move a lot," says Olympic Heights head coach Leevy "Boomer" Mears. "He'd be what you call a gamer type wrestler, that when it's on the line, he's the guy you like to have out there."

"He's a really sticky wrestler," says teammate Fabian Jaramillio. "We don't have many like him out there, and he really improves our team. He changes up the style a lot, he's really good at pushing others, and he's a really good leader,"

"(He has) a lot of energy, a lot of passion," adds Mears. "Whatever endeavor he plans on doing after wrestling, I'm sure he's going to be tremendous at it."

"In order to wrestle you have to do good in school and do those type of things," says Butler. "So it prepares me for being disciplined with my family and just getting everything done."

And that may include helping to earning a championship on the wrestling Matt for Olympic Heights.

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