CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Olympic Heights' Ariana Steighner

CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Olympic Heights' Ariana Steighner

Ariana Steighner played Junior Varsity Soccer last season for the love of the sport, so no one could have predicted she'd be the straight up star of the Olympic Heights Girls Soccer team this season as a sophomore. She's one of the smallest Lions, but has the biggest roar.

"I think she's just as shocked as everyone else in how well she's stepped up to the plate," admits Olympic Heights head coach JIm Cappello.

The original plan was for Steiner to be a midfielder in her sophomore season, and a role player at best. But after being switched to forward, out of nowhere she's banged off 11 goals and 9 assists over the first 11 games of the season.

"She scored a goal last Monday against Northeast," recalls Cappello. "It was a beautiful cross, and she took it out of the air and just one timed it, and she kind of turned around (to us) as if to say 'did I just do that'?"

"It's so amazing to know that that's you," says Steighner. "You just did that, you're like what?! The support of my team, they're there to pass the ball and help each other, and each and every one of these girls bring something so special to this team each time they step of the field."

Ariana, who's one of the smallest players on the team, certainly has the biggest heart, and speed to leaves her opponents in her dust.

"It's explosive speed," describes Cappello. "By the time they realize, she's already gone past them and she's either one on one with the keeper or she's setting something up."

"She never gives up," says her fellow sophomore teammate Kaite Cierpik. "And that's the most important part, because you may see a ball rolling out, but she's still on it, she doesn't give up."

"We have a bond close to each other that's just so amazing," adds Steighner. "And knowing that we have each other's backs, it's literally the best."

"She's a great student on campus," says Cappello. "She's got a great attitude, and she's somebody who we're proud to represent us everywhere she goes."

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