Athlete of the Week: Martin County's George Johnson


Martin County High School football star George Johnson loves being a receiver, and that's partly why he's become such a great quarterback. The junior is relishing his role as starting quarterback, and Thursday night's impressive performance in the Martin Bowl makes him our CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

"He's a tough kid," says Martin County head coach and former Illinois head coach Bill Cubit. "And we always used to say in college, if your toughest kid is your quarterback, you've got a pretty good chance of winning."

George Johnson is also an extremely talented kid. He's so versatile that Cubit, a coach with a Division one mind, hand picked him as 'QB1'.

"He's still learning," admits Cubit. "You know this offense is pretty difficult, we're about 75 percent of what we did at Illinois so it's very challenging, but he's up to the task."

"The first two games I wanted to throw the long ball," says Johnson with a smile. "Everybody wants to throw the go ball, you'd got to thcow the check downs, you've got to throw the hitches, you've got to throw the flare outs with the running backs, you've got to throw the short routes first. If you throw those, the defense comes up, then those long balls will open up."

And did Johnson ever open things up in Thursday's 20-9 win over rival South Fork. Two perfect deep passes for a touchdown, and he even got his hands on a pass and showed off his own moves for the touchdown. Johnson says he's very happy to have a former successful D1 Coach guiding him along the way.

"Some days when I'm not having a good practice or my attitude isn't there he comes and he yells at me," says Johnson, "But he's just preparing me for the next level. Because when I go to college, that's what it's going to be like each and every day."

"He's not looking at OK I deserve anything," says Cubit. "He's not one of those guys, I just like the way he approaches everything in a competitive manner."

And he approaches life with an open mind. His plan B after football is to become a detective.

"Detectives, they've got to be smart, they need to know where the criminal is," explains Johnson. "I need to know where the defense is that's going to intercept my ball, so when they've got to go get the criminal, I've got to go get the touchdown."

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