Athlete of the Week- Lincoln Park's Caleb Pottorff

CBS12 Athlete of the Week Caleb Pottorff

There's nothing more satisfying for a student athlete than winning a state championship in their senior season. But our CBS12 Athlete of the Week Caleb Pottorff capped off his high school career by winning two State Titles.

"I go to school, and everybody looks at you and says, wow you won two State Championships," says Pottorff with a smile. "And it's starting to get to the point where I'm like, wow that's pretty hard to do."

But it's a feat Pottorff had been working towards since last summer. The Lincoln Park Academy senior track star won the state title in the 32-hundred last year, but finished second in the 16-hundred. This year he pulled off the clean sweep, winning both.

"I was very confident," says Pottorff's head coach Wendell Adams. " I watched him at practice every day, putting in the hours and putting in the time."

"Over the summer I put in a lot of high mileage weeks," says Pottorff. "Then during the school year a lot of 60 and 70 mile weeks, so balancing that out with school work and maintaining high grades (is challenging)."

It's a work ethic and discipline well suited for the track. The perfect fit for a guy who also tried baseball, soccer and football.

"I love that there was a team," says Pottorff. "But sometimes you can't really control everything, so now there's an individual aspect to track and I can control my own destiny. However hard I want to work is how good I'll become."

"This my 20th year coaching track," reflects Adams. "And I've coached some World Class athletes. Caleb is right there."

All set to push the limits even further at Florida State University

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