CBS12 Athlete of the Week: Dwyer's Rudy Antoine

Dwyer's Rudy Antoine

Rudy Antoine is one of the fastest high school track and field stars in the country, ranked # 1 in the Palm Beach County in the 100 Meters. A major setback this week cost him the state championship, but it did not take away his bright future. Rudy Antoine is the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

"I don't hold anything back, because you never know what could happen."

That was Rudy Antoine earlier this week as he prepared for the Class 3A Regionals - what was to be just another step on his journey to a State Championship.

"This year I have to prove to everyone that I am the best," he said Tuesday. "Last year I came in here, and I was blessed to go to States but to get third was a great achievement, but this year I want the gold. I want to win it all."

But nothing is guaranteed in sports - after Antoine ran the 100 meters in 10.32 seconds, breaking his school record on Thursday, he sprained his quad in the finals. His high school track and field career suddenly over, with no chance to compete for the State Title he's dreamed of.

"It hurt me so bad, it hurt me deeply," said Dwyer Head Coach Glenn Roeback. "There was this emotion, because I was so excited for him."

"I was going to kick it into second gear and finish the race and I felt my right hip flexor just give up," says Antoine. "It was like slow motion. I just couldn't believe it and I was just watching as they were running past me I just started to pull up and I guess that was it."

But Rudy is much more than just a track and field striving to go to Florida State. He's also a proud member of the Palm Beach County-based student Aces program. Antoine is pegged by them as a future leader - an elite student through athletics, community service and education.

"Just being a leader and being helpful and humble."

"He doesn't understand (yet)," says Roeback. "This is the beginning of what's really going to happen for him."

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