CBS12 Athlete of the Week- Dreyfoos' Amare Davis


Dreyfoos School of the Arts is among the top 100 public high schools in the country, but has never exactly been known for it's work on the hardwood. That has now changed, thanks in large part to this week's CBS12 Athlete of the Week Amare Davis.

The Dreyfoos basketball team has been making the hardwood their canvass, and Davis created a masterpiece this past week, scoring a career high 40 points in a win over Community Christian.

"I was really locked in," says Davis as he holds his arms wide open. "I felt like the hoop was this big!"

You could say Amare found his rhythm, which is what he also does everyday in the school's orchestra program.

"I play the double bass," explains Davis, "and that instrument is all about rhythm. I consider the baseline of the song really the backbone, and I take that into account when I'm playing (basketball too). I keep my teammates going, me going, and play well."

"If you're the bass player, you're the base (of the orchestra) basically," says head coach Jeffery Stohr, "and he's that for our team. Without him going we're in trouble."

But when he is going it's music to the ears of his teammates. There's no hard feelings when Amare can't stop shooting.

"Everyone wants to win at the end of the day," explains Davis. "And if that has to happen through me they're O.K. with it. Since my freshman year we've gotten better every single year, and we just continue to get better, and I think we can make it all the way to the top."

And with that unselfish team play, the team can finally found it's rhythm.

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