Athlete of the Week: West Boca's Jordyn Lyman

Matt Lincoln with West Boca's Jordyn Lyman. (WPEC)

West Boca Raton softball team is off to a 10-0 start to the season thanks to a fab five of talented seniors. Choosing one CBS12 Athlete of the Week from the Bulls was tough, but they all agree how important Jordyn Lyman is to this special senior corps.

"She does everything that's ever asked of her," says Bulls coach Jason Cohen.

And that includes switching to playing first base full time in her senior season after pitching the first 3 years - a sacrifice she knew would make her team better.

But there's much more to Jordyn Lyman than her incredible .487 batting average.

"The one thing you don't see is how coachable she is, She always will listen to any criticism. She always really does want to get better, and you don't know how hard she actually works."

"You can just take a week off, and all of a sudden you're not on your game anymore," says Lyman. "You've always got to keep helping yourself and do personal tees on your own time and take your own reps even if a coach isn't available, or a player isn't available. You have to take it upon yourself to better yourself."

Bettering herself in a sport she's played since she was 4, with some of the same teammates she still has to this day - the most positive difference maker this talented senior corps could have.

"Always smiling, always polite, really also as a student," says Cohen. "She wants to well both in the classroom and out of the classroom. (She) really has a drive to get better."

"I've always had a positive energy," adds Lyman, "because I like how it feels when people are positive towards me. It's amazing to know all these girls have my back, and that I'll always have their back and it's just great that we're all there to support each other through everything."

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