Athlete of the Week: Wellington's Trent Frazier

Trent Frazier is *hands down* the best basketball player to ever play at Wellington High School. After leading his team to their first ever state championship last season the CBS12 Athlete of the Week is having more fun than ever.

"He's showing just great leadership," says Wellington Head Coach Matt Colin. "I'm very proud of the steps he's taken as a player."

And that bodes well for not only the Illinois basketball team, who the 4-star recruit signed with this past November, but also for the 15-2 Wellington basketball team, who's following his lead this season - going all out for a State Championship.

"He makes the right play at the right time, whether it's shooting or passing he's willing to give up the ball for the sake of the team but somehow or another he's still able to score when he's facing those type of defenses."

"Coach knows I can score anytime I want," says Frazier. "But I trust these guys a lot and I just scoop the ball off to them anytime I want and I know they'll make the shot."

He's been making those shots since his Dad got him started in the 3rd grade. His father actually played basketball with Coach Colin in High School and passed the passion for the sport onto his son.

"He loved the game so I wanted to be like him in high school he dominated the game. And I'm the first one to go to college from my family so so it's a pleasure and I love it and I'm just doing this for my family I want to make it big some day."

But for *this last year* at least, he's the buzz of Wellington.

"Our school loves him our games are packed people come to see him and the rest of the players play," says Colin. "Our community loves him."

"I have fun with these guys," adds Frazier. "Giving guys the ball. My last year I just want to get up the road and make them happy again."

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