Athlete of the Week: Wellington's Hosanna Kropp

Athlete of the Week Hosanna Kropp.

Wellington's Hosanna Kropp practices against boys, she competes against boys and she dominates other girls. All of that has helped make her one of the best females wrestlers in the history of Palm Beach County. And she's the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

Wellington has one of the best wrestling programs in the state. But that did not stop Hosanna Kropp from walking into practice as a freshman, and wanting to be the only girl on the all boys team.

"It was so hard, I asked myself, 'Why am I even here?' says Kropp. "Few people thought I could do this. Then I realized, that's exactly why I should do it."

Hosanna went to work, sparring with her teammates, and eventually, outworking them.

"It's pretty remarkable," says Wellington coach Travis Gray. "She does much more than anyone else does."

There are no girls wrestling teams in Palm Beach County. So for Hosanna to get into competition, she has to compete against the boys.

"They see she makes a big move and then they realize that she's the real deal," says Wellington captain Jared Aberson."

"She has a handful of wins at varsity, over a 500 record on JV against all boys," adds Gray. "And she is undefeated against the girls."

That includes total domination at this weekend's girls wrestling state championships. She went 5-0, and only had one point scored against her - leading to just the second state title ever for a female wrestler in Palm Beach County.

She hopes it's the second of many.

"I'd like someone to carry on my legacy," says Kropp. "I want get some more girls in here. One day, I'd like to come back and start a girls team. One of my dreams is to coach."

One thing's for certain, don't doubt Hosanna Kropp, when she has a dream.

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