Athlete of the Week: Vero Beach's Mike Smith

Mike Smith might be a common name, but the Vero Beach wide receiver does not have a common game.The CBS12 Athlete of the Week is excelling at a sport, he didn't pick up until high school.

"It's my last year," says Smith. "I'm giving it my all, giving it everything I've got."

Especially because his senior season is only his 2nd season playing football. The converted basketball star at Vero Beach High School is now their go-to wide receiver- 18 receptions for 369 yards and 7 touchdowns- leading in all three categories.

"He always had a physical presence about him," says head coach Lenny Jankowski. "And sometimes a converted basketball guy doesn't like the physicality of this sport, but he never shied away from any of that."

"Sizewise everyone was bigger," says Smith. "But I was taller and faster, so that was intimidating but I just got used to it and just worked on my craft everyday and got better."

And quickly became one of the favorite targets for quarterback Mike Dean.

"He's a great player," says Dean. "And he's really come a long ways and he works so hard. We throw a lot in the offseason so that's where we got that chemistry,:"

"My goal is to have more than a thousand yards and to win States," says Smith. "Right now it's just win each and every game and take it day by day. week by week."

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