Athlete of the Week: Trinity Christian's Angel Tiburcio

Matt Lincoln with Angel Tiburcio. (WPEC)

There's a small school high school baseball dynasty in Palm Beach County - a group of young guys from all over the world that win Florida state championships.

But one of them, is an Angel in the infield, at the plate and on the mound. Trinity Christian's Angel Tiburcio is the CBS12, Athlete of the Week.

"What time is it? Tibu time!"

"Tibu Time is when he's at the plate, and it's his time," says Trinity Christian's Jorge Zambrano. "It's what we call out in hopes of a home run."

"He's a gamer," says Trinity coach Miguel Cuello. "And when they call his name he just comes through."

"It's time for me to shine," adds Tiburcio.

Tiburcio has been shining for Trinity Christian since he was in eighth grade, helping lead the Warriors to back-to-back state championships. They're the first Palm Beach County school to do that in about 75 years.

"To be the first school to go back-to-back-to-back, it'd be an honor.

The 6'3 Tiburcio stands tall as a major part of their success - not only their leading slugger at the plate, but also a shut down relief pitcher.

"There are few games when we're in trouble," says Zambrano. "And you just know it's a guaranteed save."

Trinity Christian boasts players from all over the world - and they show off their or their parents home land with flags on their caps - the Bahamas, Panama and Curacao.

Angel's Dad was born in the Dominican Republic, and his mom, Honduras.

"They've always been there for me and given me 110 percent support," says Tiburcio.

Next year he's heading to FIU, unless he hears his name on draft day first.

But there's a little business left to accomplish before that - a historic run for a three-peat

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