Athlete of the Week: Treasure Coast's Tyrec Thompson

Treasure Coast's Tyrec Thompson.

Treasure Coast High School has been around for a dozen years, and it's never had an athlete quite like Tyrec Thompson. The CBS12 Athlete of the Week is a record setting basketball player, and a highly recruited football player 0and he's hoping to help deliver the school's first ever state championship.

"He's a guy that factors in," says Treasure Coast basketball coach Pat Kelly. "He can change a game quickly."

With full court buzzer shots like the one he nailed at the end of the first half Tuesday against Martin County - that's all in a night's work for Tyrec Thompson.

"That was just a once in a lifetime," says Thompson. "I just threw it up. Luckily it went in and I made the shot."

"I tell people he reminds me of Roberto Clemente," adds Kelly. "Because of his gracefulness. It's unique, so he's a kid that people like to watch play."

Especially his teammates, who know they can count on Thompson to always finds a unique way to win.

"Let me be an individual," says Thompson. "Let me show what I can do one on one with somebody, pass the ball through presses and plays, execute the plays well."

"Tyrec's a tremendous athlete," says Kelly. "He has tremendous upcourt speed, he's relentless to the basket, he's a good defender."

And according to coach and his teammates both on the basketball court and football field, he's a terrific role model for the entire school.

"He's definitely a face of our school that does represent us well as an ambassador."

"My family is struggling now and then," says Thompson. "And I just want to get to college and do what's best and God's plan. Iit doesn't matter what I go for, football or basketball, as long as I get to college."

And just maybe a State Championship along the way.

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