Athlete of the Week: Suncoast's Remedy Ryan

Both the boys and the girls water polo teams at Suncoast High School have earned a trip to this weekend's state championships. The girls' team had the perfect remedy for any team that wanted to get in their way.

Remedy Ryan is the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

"All these girls you know they're so sweet when you meet them in person," says Ryan. "But in the game though they're willing to fight."

Remedy Ryan may be all smiles, but that all changes when she gets in the water.

"Whole set is one of the toughest positions," says teammate Rachel Jennings. "The one that she plays and so immediately she just flips a switch and she's just aggressive, and it's kind of like surreal to see almost."

"She has somebody basically playing defense on her back and she has to tread water against them to try to get up out of the water, to get open and to make a quick shot within seconds," adds Suncoast's Madison Sweitzer

And she's the team's leading scorer. In her 4th year playing water polo, she has some extra tricks up her sleeve.

"Something I've been working on a lot this season is attacking the goalie," adds Ryan. "Which is basically if the goalie gets the ball I can go and take the ball from her and score."

Perfecting it at practice with her fellow senior captain and BFF Rachel Jennings.

"I don't really want to attack her, but I've done it a few times yah!"

"Anytime I block a shot and she's near the goal she just comes and attacks me," says Jennings. "And I have to swim away and protect the ball. But it works in games."

And she's just as aggressive in the classroom .- she's been accepted to Harvard next year - her dream come true.

"Water polo in a lot of ways has helped me to be a better student," says Ryan. "I'm good at like managing my time and everything. Playing the sport for four years taught me to do that, so yeah, I'm excited."

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