Athlete of the Week: South Fork's Becca Sills

The South Fork Girls Volleyball team knew it was going to be a historic season when they beat their rival Martin County High School for the first time in 35 years. Now they've advanced to the State Semifinals, and the CBS12 Athlete of the Week proves it's the little things that count the most.

"One of the smallest on my team, but biggest heart," describes South Fork Head Coach Jessica Warren.

And in many cases Becca Sills is the biggest playmaker, even if she doesn't always get the glory of the Kill.

"There's not any ball that she doesn't go for 110 percent. She's always the one diving here and there and everywhere."

"I like having that like personal like success," says Sills. "For me when I find a ball it's more like I'm proud of myself even if everybody else doesn't acknowledge it."

Part of that might be because her teammates are so used to it ...this is the final chapter for her and her four fellow seniors who've played together since the 8th grade and known each other way longer.

'I've known them pretty much since kindergarten, so just knowing this is coming to an end is pretty sad."

"Becca can read the hitter very well," says Warren. "And she needs to know if she needs to go across or if she needs to go line just based on what the other player is about to do. She has grown a lot as a player."

"She just stays calm cool and collected," says teammate Danielle Brouillette. "Even in pressure situations, if we're down she's the one who will step in and say it's alright guys, lets go."

And that attitude extends into the IB program in the classroom - Becca has one of the highest GPAs on the team.

"It's a lot of work after we get back from volleyball practice and volleyball games," says Sills. "Just pushing myself to keep on because i know it's very important to do well in school."

Now hoping to help *win* her school a State Championship.

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