Athlete of the Week- South Fork's Anna Laskaris


The game plan seems simple for the South Fork Girls lacrosse team. Their only senior captain Anna Laskaris seemed unstopable last week in a 10-9 win over Sebastian River. She scored 8 goals in the win, while also helping the rest of her team to shine, just as a CBS12 Athlete of the Week should.

"She's just one of those players that you have to take into account when you're playing against her," says head coach Kelly Hall. "She's exciting, she's dynamic."

She knows the big numbers she's been putting up will put a big target on her back

"Most of the time I get like the first ten minutes to myself," says Laskaris. "Before a team (figures out) our little strategy."

"Because of her play she draws a lot of attention," agrees Hall. "Which brings those defensive players to her, which opens up her teammates, and she has no problem getting that ball over to her teamates so they can score."

While makes Anna more dangerous than meets the eye. Her other notible weapon is her wickedly fast, and mostly unstopable, shot.

"You don't want to be in front of that ball," laughs her teammate Erica Simkins. "If she's winding up to shoot, I feel sorry for out goalie during practices."

"I get so excited still," says Laskaris about scoring goals. "Even after every goal, but I just try to play it off like, O.K. that's nothing. It's just another goal, let's keep playing."

She plans to keep playing after this senior season at Palm Beach Atlantic. But her bigger goal is to have a successful career in sports medicine,

"My goal is actually to be like an NFL physician. If I can take that as like my profession that's like really cool."

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