Athlete of the Week: Sebastian River's Jarez Parks

When Jarez Parks started his sophomore season at Sebastian River High School he had never played competitive football, in fact, he wasn't totally clear on the rules. Now, he's one of the most sought-after recruits in Treasure Coast history, and he's the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

Sebastian River Head Coach Kevin Pettis has never seen the recruiting floodgates open as quickly as they did Jarez Parks. Amazing for a defensive end that started from scratch just two years ago.

"He asked one time, I said hey look you have to get closer to the line of scrimmage," says Pettis. "And I kept saying line of scrimmage, and he finally looked at me and said coach this is going to sound crazy, but what's the line of scimmage?"

"I've always been an open-minded person," says Parks. "So whenever it came to trying something new I mean you only have one life so you'd might as well try it."

And he's glad he did - now being recruited by elite football programs like the Florida, Florida State, Clemson, LSU and Auburn.

"He's 6'5 he's 260 pounds, and he runs a 4-5-40," says Pettis. "That's pretty much what they want. From finger tip to finger tip he's 7 feet long. He can do anything he wants to do in this game."

But Jarez's life plan doesn't even come close to ending there - "I will be majoring in pre-med," says Parks. "Because I want to be in the medical field. I mean I've always wanted to be a doctor because I love to help people, so the fact that I can make an impact on someone's life as a whole I mean it's amazing to me."

It's easy to see why Jarez was named Homecoming King prior to last Friday's game.

"He's the best part of Shark nation," says Pettis. "He bleeds shark blood, he bleeds shark blue!"

"I'm trying to get every memory I can get soaked into my brain because I know I'm going to miss a lot of my friends when I go off into my life," adds Parks.

The Sharks are 8-0 for the first time in school history and have all ready locked up the district championship. The defense led by Parks, has allowed just one touchdown.

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