Athlete of the Week: Saint Andrew's Izaak Bastian

Saint Andrew's swimmer Izaak Bastian

In his last state meet as a high school student, Saint Andrew's Izaak Bastian had a day to remember. He won the state championship in the 100 breast stroke, with the second best time ever recorded. Bastian is also an All-American in the 50 free, and one of the best ever in school history in the 200 IM. The CBS12 Athlete of the Week, is not just a swim star in florida. He's excelled internationally as well.

"The thing about Izaak Bastian," says Saint Andrew's swim coach Sid Cassidy. "Is he's polite, he'll do the time of things to make his mother proud. But when he's in the water, he's a tiger."

Cassidy is a well-known name in international swimming, and he's knows a great one, when he sees one.

"In my career I've had great athletes. I coached a guy who won bronze at the Atlanta Olympics. But none with this much talent, especially at multiple events."

Cassidy has seen plenty of growth in Bastian, who arrived at the boarding school in Boca Raton as a scrawny 13 year old. Bastian is a native of the Bahamas. His parents knew the best way to get a good education and to prepare him for college swimming was for Izaak to come to the states.

Ever since he was 12, he has competed for his home country in international competitions.

"It's just really great, the international aspect," says Bastian. "To do it as well as racing against fast Americans, it's been a great eye-opening experience."

Bastian will swim at Florida State next year, and keep competing for the Bahamas, in hopes of one day going to the Olympics. He's all ready just a few seconds off of qualifying, at 16 years old.

"It's the pinnacle. A great opportunity to show what (the Bahamas) has to offer. We're not just a small group of islands, we can produce world-class athletes. To me it would just mean the world."

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