Athlete of the Week: Saint Andrew's Alejandro Gomez

Saint Andrew's Junior Alejandro Gomez

The Saint Andrew's Soccer team has never won a State Championship, but the big play abilities of Alejandro Gomez could change all that. The junior has scored 6 goals in his last three games, and the CBS12 Athlete of the Week is a difference maker.

"We're a good team with one guy to make a difference," says Scots coach Miguel Martin. "And he's the guy who clearly makes the difference."

And with 37 career goals and 17 assists heading into this week, Alejandro Gomez is the most successful junior for the Saint Andrew's soccer team in 20 years. His passion for the sport began when he was a little kid growing up in Venezuela.

"We'd just pick up anything that could form some type of ball and we'd just start kicking it around," says Gomez. "We'd make teams and as we got older we'd just keep playing."

"When you're a coach it's very clear to see when someone clearly loves to play," adds Martin. "There's an effort to training, but there's also a joy to training, and it's easier if you just really love to do it."

So much so that very little can stop him. A recent injury to his nose has been solved with a face mask - giving a superhero look to a super competitive young athlete.

"I've coached high school for 14 years, and he's the only guy who consistently I've had to drag off the field after practice, just to tell him enough's enough."

"I'm not the biggest on the field," says Gomez. "Sometimes I'm not the strongest or the fastest, but I just really want to play my heart out every time, every play I get - every game I'm able to play."

Which is why the Scots could go further this season, than they've ever gone before.

"We need upsets, and we need goals scored on few chances, because we play teams who are sometimes better than us," says Martin. "So we will clearly depend on him."

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