Athlete of the Week: Palm Beach Lakes' Lavorris Givins

The Palm Beach Lakes boys basketball team is making a run at a history - reaching the state semifinals in search of their first ever state championship.

The Rams became dangerouss, when their star senior started putting the team above himself - Lavorris Givins is CBS12's Athlete of the Week.

From the moment, Givins stepped foot on campus at Palm Beach Lakes, he was a talented offensive player.

"He was raw," recalls head coach Lorenzo Hands. "A very competitive, warrior-like player."

As a senior this season, he has bought more into a team mentality - and that has been the biggest key, in getting the Rams to the state semifinals.

"He went from scoring being his mindset, to thinking about how he could impact everyone," says teammate Ty Hands.

"I just matured over the years," says Givins. "I trust in the process."

"He's so competitive," says Coach Hands. "Not only is he trying to make himself better, but also make his teammates better."

That competitiveness was born, playing in his backyard.

"Playing with the older kids - they were competitive," says Givins. "You get knocked down a lot, scratches and bruises and it teaches you a lot about life."

And now, Givins is the player the rest of the Rams look up to.

"His ability attracts you to him," says Coach Hands. "He is a bright, young man and he wants to excel, so I'm very proud of him."

"Nobody in my family has played for a college team or been to college," says Givins. "So I'd like to go and do something big for my family."

And it's Givins's maturation, that has brought his on-the-court family, all the way to states.

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