Athlete of the Week: Palm Beach Lakes' DJ Edwards

The turnaround is on at Palm Beach Lakes - one more win and they'll start 3-0 for the first time since 2009, the last time they finished with a winning record. A major reason for their success is their play-making late blooming wide receiver - the CBS12 Athlete of the Week, DJ Edwards.

Edwards is a 3 star recruit, with over 30 scholarship offers. The receiver has become a shooting star for Palm Beach Lakes.

"At this time last year, he didn't have anything," says Palm Beach Lakes Head Coach Al Shipman. "All of a sudden he skyrocketed."

Edwards exploded on the scene last year.. as the rams deep threat.. now he's one of the leaders of the team that's had two of the most impressive wins to start the season.. even though he was a little reluctant to take that role on.

"I didn't want to be a leader," admits Edwards. "But seen as I'm kind of known as the guy around here, I had to do it. Go to class on time, stay out of trouble, and do the right things."

Shipman has said Edwards has handled all of this new found attention very maturely, and that he's focused on the team he's playing for now, not the one he will be next year.

But Edwards' reluctant leadership and his big play making, are two of only a few reasons why, there's a different feeling at Palm Beach Lakes.

"Everything is coming together, we got a new principal, new locker rooms and new dress code. Everything is perfect right now."

And edwards and the rams look to keep that perfection going.. all the way to their first playoff berth in 7 years.

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