Athlete of the Week: Oxbridge Academy's Lianna Mullins

Oxbridge Academy's Lianna Mullins with Matt Lincoln.

The Oxbridge Academy Softball team is on the right track to winning a State Championship in just their 4th year of existence. The CBS12 Athlete of the Week has stood out for all four years - and it might just pay in a big way.

"We have worked so hard to get to where we are," says Mullins. "And we're looking to finish off the season great."

It's been an incredible year for the Oxbridge Thunderwolves - thanks in large part to the patience and hard work of Lianna Mullins.

"She even threw a no hitter and we lost," says Oxbridge coach Kevin Drake. "That's how tough it was. You know, and she's stuck through it all, she's worked hard."

"I hope that I've instilled integrity, and definitely hard work," adds Mullins. "A great mindset is something that we really really need to have on this team. Especially coming where we came from freshman year."

Mullins has dominated on the mound from the get go, thriving though think and thin

"I definitely have more patience than I did in my freshman year, and that has a lot to do with growing and getting older. Everything has shaped me to who I am right now."

And Lianna has already helped to shape the freshmen - like Caridad Estes who's hitting over .500 this season.

"She's so competitive and she's so well with the team, it makes me want to work harder to make sure she does well when everyone else does well," says Estes.

And she's an honor student, headed to her dream school Purdue next year to pursue her engineering degree and, of course, dominate the diamond.

"They're so family oriented there," says Mullins. "So it's just like I'm able to go from Wellington to West Lafayette and still feel like a family, it's just perfect."

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