Athlete of the Week: Oxbridge Academy's Jordan Schaefer

Tuesday the Oxbridge Academy girls soccer team won a game for the ages - the regional semifinals against their biggest rival American Heritage - the Thunderwolves won in penalty kicks, 12 to 11.

The girls showed some true grit to earn that win - a trait personified by the CBS12 Athlete of the Week, Jordan Schaefer.

"All around, she's got it all - skills, brains and team."

Staci Wilson, knows a great soccer player when she sees one. A three-time NCAA champion at North Carolina and 1996 gold medalist with Team USA.

And she has the perfect leader for her Oxbridge squad, in senior Jordan Schaefer.

"If you need a voice, she's motivating and calm," says Wilson. "You wouldn't expect someone so calm to show so much grit."

The only senior on the Thunderwolves, Schaefer started the game at a young age.. motivated by her grandfather who played in one of the best soccer leagues in the world, the German Bundesliga.

"He taught me not to be afraid and to take risks," says Schaefer. "Don't be afraid of anything."

Jordan has led the Thunderwolves to the state tournament - a new challenge, for a player that's always looking for the next one.

"Some days I say I'm only going to play with my left foot. Sometimes you just have to challenge yourself."

After these playoffs, her next challenge is Big 10 soccer. On Wednesday she signed to play at University of Maryland.

"I don't think South Florida challenges her enough," says Wilson. "I think the most exciting thing for a coach is she has untapped potential."

The potential to do the type of things, that her well-decorated coach has accomplished.

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