Athlete of the Week: Oxbridge Academy's Gio Richardson

Oxbridge Academy quarterback Gio Richardson.

The Oxbridge Academy Thunderwolves have earned themselves a trip to their first ever Class 3A State Title Game in two weeks.and their quarterback appears to be unstoppable. The CBS12 Athlete of the week Gio Richardson put up some jaw-dropping stats in last week's State Semifinal.

"Anytime you have a good quarterback it makes your life easier as a coach," says Oxbridge Academy's head coach Brendan Kent.

But there's not many junior quarterbacks like Oxbridge Academy's 6 foot 1, 195 pound dual threat Gio Richardson, who was 10 for 10 passing for 193 yards and 3 long bomb touchdowns in the Thunderwolves 41-0 State Senifinal win over Florida High.

"It's a great feeling to throw to all of my receivers and have fun with them, my linemen, and everybody else," says Richardson. "When we're all producing it's all fun."

"We've opened up the offense for him," adds Kent. "And it's not just one or two guys who are touching the ball - it's multiple guys, multiple guys getting multiple targets, and he's doing a great job of that,"

Gio excelled at soccer and baseball when he was a kid and credits his skill in throwing a baseball to his accuracy on the football field

"I always had an arm, I always had a deep arm," says Richardson. "I used to play shortstop, those long throws to first and home and whatnot. Throwing a long ball is a great feeling, it's way better than throwing a strike out, I'll tell you that much."

But nothing would be more fun that beating Chaminade-Madonna in the State Title game, the very team that knocked Oxbridge out of the playoffs last season.

"Give me an idea of how much you want to win a State Championship? I can't even tell you right now I love it, I can't wait, I can't wait to kick off."

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